Full Management Services

  • Attendance of Board Meetings and Executive sessions
  • Attendance of Budget Meeting and Annual Meeting
  • Prepare Board packages in advance of meetings
  • Conduct routine Site Inspections
  • CC&R & HOA rules enforcement – Provide assistance to the Board to enforce all rules and regulations are followed
  • Working with Committees when is requested
  • Contractors coordination
  • Prepare process, follow up, and maintain records of all work orders for the Association
  • Correspondence with Homeowners, Vendors
  • Change of Ownership/Escrow Services
  • Contract Service and Work Orders coordination
  • Posting newsletter and announcement to all homeowners
  • Maintaining a cost effective commercial insurance policy
  • Coordinate with local municipalities regarding permits of projects Administrative Services

Advisory Services

Advisory Services include, but are not limited to:

Claims administration; law suit participation; defect investigations and claims actions; pursuing and prosecuting delinquent assessments; revision of project documents; negotiating and management of contracts; and Reserve Requirements and Funding; and newsletter preparation and distribution.


Financial Services

Financial Services include, but are not limited to:

  • Banking as Needed
  • Reconciliation of All Accounts; Checking, Savings, Money Market, Etc.
  • Paying All Accounts Payable
  • Providing Detailed Financial Reports Monthly
  • Preparation of Pro Forma Operating Budget
  • Mail Year-End Statements to Membership

All financial services including Assessment collection; assessment deposits; disbursements; delinquency follow-up; lien enforcement policy and practice; and invoice approval; invoice payment; preparation of 1099’s and sand Financial Report preparation.

Administrative Services

Administrative Services include, but are not limited to:

Daily administrative services would include responding to oral and written communications of all types from homeowners, vendors, board members, all of which are recorded. Preparing of notices for Board Meetings, Annual Meetings; routine and periodic site inspections; generating enforcement correspondence and responding to homeowner inquiry relating to same; updating and recording unit files with new owner information; generating welcome letters; maintaining Association Files.


Emergency Services

Provide for 24/7 after hours answering and emergency services.

Please log into Appfolio to request an emergency service in writing or call our Emergency Service 24 hour phone 888-780-0355


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